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  • What is a Non-Exclusive License?
    A non-exclusive license is where you choose any existing design to be manufactured by the printer of your choice and sold as finished goods in a category of your choice. Since it is a non-exclusive license, this means that the same design can be also licensed out to other companies at the same time even in the same category, and also available on my own print-on-demand retail sites such as Spoonflower. Non-exclusive licenses, due to more flexibility it provides, typically cost less than an exclusive license.
  • Do I need a license for designs available on Spoonflower or Hawthorne Supply Co?
    If you are simply interested in purchasing yardage or products from my online retailers like Spoonflower or Hawthorne Supply Co. for your personal or commercial use, you DO NOT need to license those designs. If you are interested in owning the design files either in an exclusive or non-exclusive capacity, so you can manufacture those designs on to substrates or products of your choice with your own printer, then yes, you would want to license those designs. If you have further questions, please reach out at
  • Who owns the Copyright?
    In both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing, I retain the copyright to all designs at all times.
  • What is art licensing?
    Art licensing is where you 'rent' a designer's artwork to use on your own products. For my artwork, you may license my designs in an exclusive or non-exclusive format. To license artwork, you typically pay a predetermined fee to the artist in accordance with the terms you both agreed upon.
  • How much does a pattern license cost?
    The cost of a license depends on many different factors, which I have listed in the licensing inquiry form. Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible so I can provide you with a quote for your project.
  • How do I license your artwork and patterns?
    The fastest way to get the process started is for you to fill out the License Inquiry Form with as much detail as you can provide. I will get back to you via email within 1 week to provide you with a quote or with follow up questions. Can't wait to hear from you!
  • What are buy-outs and do you offer them?
    I currently consider buy-outs on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out the licensing inquiry form or send me a message detailing your interest and I will get back to you! Buy-outs are basically when you bypass the licensing terms and purchase a design from me outright where the copyright of the pattern will transfer over to you. You will have the right to use the pattern as you see fit for an indefinite period of time.
  • What is an Exclusive License?
    Exclusive license is when you have exclusive access to the licensed design and the design will not be licensed to any other companies in the same category or be available on print-on-demand sites. The terms of the license will be discussed and agreed upon. At the end of the term, you will have the opportunity to re-license the design.
  • Where can I find your portfolio?
    Please send me an email ( or message me through the contact form for access to my full portfolio. In addition: You can check out my latest works and works in progress over on Instagram. Check out my Spoonflower shop for currently available designs (available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing) Check out my fabric collections over at Hawthorne Supply Co. (available for non-exclusive licensing)
  • Can you change the scale of your designs (bigger or smaller)?
    Yes, I offer scaling requests free of charge. Please submit the licensing inquiry form with your specific requests.
  • Can you design something custom?
    The short answer is it depends, but most likely yes. Please submit a license inquiry form or send me an email at to discuss your needs. Please provide as much detail as possible!
  • Are your designs seamless?
    Yes! All of my patterns are seamless designs and they repeat continuously on all four sides.
  • Can you change colors of your patterns?
    Yes! Please submit the licensing inquiry form with your specific requests!
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