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Seiko Sisco x Spoonflower Neighborhood Walk Bedding Collection is here!

Ready to get comfy in a brand new bedding set?

Check out this bright and happy Neighborhood Walk Bedding Collection designed and curated by yours truly, in collaboration with a Print-on-demand powerhouse Spoonflower!

I am so excited to introduce you to my very first bedding collection, The Neighborhood Walk Bedding Collection! If you've been a customer of Waku Waku Baby, my handmade baby shop, you might recognize a few of these patterns from my Seiko Sisco Debut Collection. Those patterns have been scaled way up and now they are available in various home décor products - including this curated bedding set, wallpaper, and lots more in my Spoonflower shop!

Seiko Sisco x Spoonflower bedding collection

Mock up by alexandercho/@freepik

Seiko Sisco x Spoonflower bedding collection

The Inspiration Behind the Neighborhood Walk Bedding Collection

This bedding collection was inspired by an ordinary walk around my neighborhood in the North Hills of Pittsburgh with my little ones in the early spring season🌷

Imagine walking around your neighborhood with the sun shining on your face🌞 a beautiful rainbow showing its face through the clouds🌈 as you splash in puddles☄️ and colorful tulips greet you🌷 Bonus - your kids notice those 'cool' things called manholes and you get inspired to include it in your pattern collection🥰

pencil drawing and fabric of neighborhood walk pattern by seiko sisco

I hand-drew each of these motifs and then digitized, vectorized, and created a seamless repeating pattern.

Neighborhood Walk Bedding Collection Details

Seiko Sisco x Spoonflower bedding collection

Here are the pattern designs featured in this collection followed by their unique pattern ID you can use to search for this pattern on Spoonflower. You can also click on the pattern names below and it will take you straight to the individual listings where you can check out that print in various home décor products!

And if you want to go straight to the curated collection, click here to see the 6 patterns!

Check out below for each of the patterns on duvet covers, sheet sheets, pillow cases, and throw pillows!

Duvet cover in featured design Neighborhood Walk (15088638)

neighborhood walk duvet cover

Sheets and Pillow cases in featured designs:

sheets and pillow cases

Featured designs for Euro Shams (large pillows to put on the back of your bed): 🌷Tulips (15509163)

euro shams in red and green

Featured design for lumbar throw pillow:

lumbar throw pillow from spoonflower

And there you have it! This collection would be absolutely perfect in a kids room, and for anyone who's a child at heart (that includes me)😉 Hope you feel happy and relaxed when you see this bedding collection!

Complete the Room with Seiko Sisco x Spoonflower Wallpaper, Curtains, and Blankets!

Now that you checked out the entire bedding collection, can I tell you more? You can even complete the entire room with coordinating wallpaper, curtains, blankets, and other home décor items for a full completely curated look!

Featured below in the main pattern, Neighborhood Walk, but you can mix and match any print you'd like for any of these other products!

wallpaper curtains and blankets

I receive a commission from Spoonflower on every purchase made on a product with my original designs. So every purchase you make would be supporting this dream of mine!

I would absolutely love for you to check out this collection for your own home or as a gift to someone special who would appreciate something bright and happy in their home.

And don't forget to sign up for my Email Newsletter to stay on top of all the latest news and updates from me. You can sign up here.

Thank you so much for taking a look and reading my story of creating my first curated bedding collection! This was so much fun to put together so I think there will be more to come. Stay tuned!


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